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Children or not – some will always be a Mum/Dad at heart. IVF and Meeting other Mums

Children or not – some will always be a Mum/Dad at heart. IVF and Meeting other Mums

Some days I mutter to myself – I can’t do this.  Some days my kids just demand so much and on such little sleep I feel I have nothing left to give.  Teething SUCKS.  I had almost forgotten about how brutal it can be.  Then we had our 2nd baby.  These first years of parenthood are a blur.  A very happy blur.  Nature is a clever thing – we seem to forget all the hard parts, get broody and have more.  When we have more though it is a game changer. On top of teething drama and limited sleep I have a 3 year old with totally different needs and demands.  I am constantly juggling.


How much calpol have we gone through?  I am not sure but a HECK of a lot.  How many viruses do we catch now ourselves? We deserve shares in lemsip and I try and diary in when a sickness bug is expected to hit (every few months).  They ALWAYS hit us over the weekend, mostly when we have great plans.  How do I stay sane when it gets tough and I am surviving on such little sleep?  I make stupid vlogs and sing and rap about the hard days.  I laugh about it.  I also get much needed support from like minded people.  We drink coffee or wine and have what I like to call friendship therapy. It is essential to get out and it is essential to talk.

A person I very much admire is Sally Oddy, the founder of Meet Other Mums.  Think, except this is for parents who want to find like minded people.  Having kids is a crazy roller coaster as is trying for them.  This website is for people to connect and it is not just for those with kids.  Sally believes that many of us will always be a parent at heart. Even if we cannot have kids or if it is taking some time to try.  Sally is truly an inspiration. Having gone through IVF herself, which sadly failed, Sally has used her experience to help others.   Sally and her husband decided to give IVF one shot after they were told that her eggs were running out fast.   On top of this she had to battle with the loss of her Mother at the same time.  A pain which still cuts deep to the core.  MeetOtherMums has been a life line for Sally, it gives her focus and her passion is to help other mums and those currently trying desperately for children.  What an incredible role model.  I love the fact that Sally is always so open and honest.  I am working hard to get people to talk about their problems be it grief, feeling intimated by other parents, a mental illness, a broken heart. The list goes on.  I am covering so many topics and it really is just the beginning.  Bottling feelings up is unhealthy.  It is so refreshing to meet someone like Sally who uses her personal battles to help others.  I often feel guilty when I let off steam about how hard parenting can be.  I should feel so blessed to have my kids when so many have such a struggle to conceive. I never took it for granted that we would be able to have children as I am aware how common IVF is.  Scarily even more so as the years go by and I meet more and more people.  It is so freaking unfair.   Sally gets it though.  Despite all she has been through she shows no bitterness.  She laughs at stories of how challenging parenting can be.  She encourages us to get support and to share our personal roller coasters together.  I am so proud to be a regular blogger for this fantastic website.

Creating a profile is easy and a great way of matching you with like minded people in your area.  Becoming a Mum is life changing as is the process of IVF or adoption.  We need support.  I genuinely think if I stayed at home with the kids all day without any adult company I would go a bit crazy.  It is all about finding balance.  It is about surrounding ourselves with like minded people, talking, sharing and having fun.  To me it is about being able to laugh about the hard days.  It is about being able to have a good cry if we need to.  This life is not a performance.  We need to be open with one another.  We need to support each other.  Everyone is fighting their own battles.  Thanks Sally for all you do, I am very proud to be working with you x






  1. May 10, 2016 / 9:23 am

    Wow Jo, I’m a bit teary eyed reading that. I really feel that its an honour to be able to meet, connect and work with such inspirational mums every day – it’s what drives me forward to keep working at MeetOtherMums to make it a huge success, no mum should feel lonely, no matter what her circumstances. A heartwarming post for me. Thank-you xxx

    • May 10, 2016 / 10:31 am

      Awe am so glad you enjoyed reading it, thanks again for all you do 💗💗

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