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Cut the crap – BE YOU

Cut the crap – BE YOU


I love life.  I really do.  I am so glad to be alive: I feel like high fiving someone right now. Life is full of surprises. Life is about moments.  Some moments are amazing. Some moments are so hard.  Why do some people like to pretend that everything is perfect all the time?  It isn’t.  Part of my mental health awareness campaign has been to get people talking.  Let’s keep being open and honest.  Life is a crazy ride but it is not a performance. The more we think it is the more pressure we put on ourselves.  We waste time caring about what people think.  It can hold us back.

The older and wiser I get the more I become aware of what is really important.  Being true to ourselves.  As a people pleaser I have been known to be a pushover in the past for fear of offending anyone.  This comes down to my parents – they are just such decent, lovely people.  Now my attitude has changed to an extent.  There is a difference between being a kind and a good person to being a doormat.  This is our life – we should do what makes us happy.  We should never have to accept unacceptable behaviour such as emotional or physical abuse, bullying or manipulation.  It is our choice how we let people treat us.  I love being with people I am so close to that I can tell them if they are being unreasonable.  I also love having people in my life who will be as honest to me.  My Mum is always good for that – mental note I need to phone her more.  Sorry Mum, I blame Bonnie for going to bed so late these days but I will make more of an effort x

I read an article that was trending last month.  It was about a Mum getting trolled for uploading images on social media of her children having a tantrum.  Why is that a bad thing?  Tantrums are hard but they are also really funny.  These are the kind of photos that we look back on in years to come and laugh.  Tantrums are part of normal life.  Ok I will say that taking a photo mid tantrum can aggravate a child, however there are ways to do this on the sly.  So often, if my 3 year old is going off on one she is in a bubble.  She is oblivious to a quick iphone snap.


This captures my headstrong girl so well I adore it

The same with me, as much as I love a selfie where I scrub up pretty well I also don’t want to totally shy away  from the times that I look a bit rough around the edges.  Normally late on Monday morning – not the sexiest vlog but am glad it entertained people.  This means that the days I run into people (always those no time for make up days right?) I won’t shock anyone 🙂  I digress.


I saw something recently that I simply LOVED  – a picture a friend posted of her wee girl getting stuck on the toilet.  I am so glad she took a second to take this shot.  It is simply hilarious.  Will the little one be emotionally damaged as this picture was taken?  No way.   It was totally forgotten within a few minutes.  What a great memory to have for her 18th birthday party.


You see the imperfect parts of life can be beautiful too. We can look hot in our pj’s – if we are beautiful inside we are always smoking hot.  Let’s be honest with each other.  If we need a hug let’s not be afraid to ask for one.  Let’s be kind to people and let’s not sweat the small stuff.  Let’s remember that laughter is the best medicine.  Surround yourself with people and moments that make you laugh x


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