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Did you watch my first ever vlog? vlog like nobody is watching x

Did you watch my first ever vlog? vlog like nobody is watching x

So I have always been a bit skeptical of the whole vlogging thing but I figured I would give it a shot in line with my blog.  I don’t want to be the BHS of blogging – we need to move with the times.  Today I made my first wee homemade vlog  you can find here which makes light of tough mornings at home with the kids.   I am sure you can spend weeks planning the perfect video. Writing a script, planning the background, and deciding what to wear. Well for me that just won’t work at the moment, time is limited.  I wanted to keep my first video real to give my readers the chance to get to know me a bit.  I wanted my first video to be fun even if it did look a bit wobbly and unprofessional – ok get tripod sorted!

I find Monday mornings the hardest by far.  After having the help of my husband all weekend it takes a wee bit time to adapt from a 2 adult to 2 child ratio to a 1 adult to 2 child.  My 1 year old is teething, my 3 year old is wild and cheeky.  Every time I try to clean the dishes, make a coffee, go to the loo, send a text  – anything really – someone needs something.  I would have taken them out to soft play (Jen’s Den still my fave and thanks so much for sharing my vlog you amazing people) to give them some distraction but I had to wait in for a delivery.  The Lazy song by Bruno Mars kept running through my head.  It seemed quite apt to write my own version of it based on the events of the day.  I was feeling super run down and I felt like doing nothing at all.  A day chilling on the sofa – just what the Doctor ordered.  As if!!

Our cheeky little 1 year old loves to empty shelves, trample food all over the floor and just generally follow me around trashing the place. Bonnie was never this way.  She was always so delicate and tidy at that age. It is taking some getting used to having a completely different child.   Lucky for him he is so cute!


I love to make light of tricky situations and have a laugh about them.  Parenting comes so naturally to me some days and others it is SUCH hard work.  We have to be so selfless as parents don’t we?  I am often dishing out my kids 2nd breakfast of the day before I have even thought about my own.  I change nappies when I am literally bursting for a wee myself!

My vlogs will be a bit like my blogs.  I will write and vlog about anything that inspires me. It will be 100% real and hopefully good fun.  They won’t always be singing and some days I might have nice hair and make up on.  Thanks so much for the feedback I have had so far.  My fave comments –

‘You look great without makeup, you have lovely skin’ – thanks so much please in future post any such comments on my public wall hahah

‘I think it is super natural and shows the fun side of you, it is good for readers who have never met you to see that even though you write about a lot of serious stuff you have a very fun side’

‘Jojo your vlog!! I can’t cope I am actually crying with laughter’

I would love more feedback, tips or suggestions of what my vlog channel should be like in the future.  Please email me

Much love,

Mummy Jojo xx






  1. Ruth
    April 27, 2016 / 9:13 am

    Love your vlog. You look perfect without make up in my opinion. Why angst about it ? It has its place but keep it there.

    • April 27, 2016 / 9:19 am

      Thanks so much Ruth what a lovely thing to say you lovely kind person 💗💗

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