My Great Edinburgh Run 2016

My Great Edinburgh Run 2016


17 month comparison – looking forward to doing another one next year


With my first marathon fast approaching in 6 weeks I felt it would be great to sign up for some more running events.  The Great Edinburgh Run had to be on my list – 10 miles marked out especially for us runners in such a beautiful city.  A city I have always been proud to call my home.  I love the fact that the event is called The Great Edinburgh Run and not Race.  A running event for me is a personal journey.  It is not about competing with the crowds.  It is about soaking up the atmosphere and relishing the fact that I can run.  The fact that I have energy to run.  The fact that at 33 with two young kids I am now fitter than I have ever been.  That is not to say that I am not extremely impressed by the athletes competing to get the 1st prize. Completing 10 miles in 51 minutes 11 – wow. #Respect.

If you had told me 17 months ago, after having my 2nd baby, that I would now be running 10 miles in 1 hour and 42 minutes and feeling great at the end of it I am not sure if I would have believed you.


The atmosphere at the start of the race was fantastic.  Arthur’s Seat is just the ideal starting point for me.  Despite a couple of steep hills the route was very enjoyable.  The sun started to shine bright just as I approached the bottom of The Royal Mile.  Hills so full of character are certainly easier to run up, even when the sun is beating down.  The mound is steep but full of great memories for me and so scenic.


My engagement photo shoot on The Mound

Edinburgh holds so many precious memories for me.  Running past pubs that I used to drink in, Greyfriars Church where I got married, the meadows where I often walked my first baby and Duddingston Loch where I fed the ducks as a child – it was just lovely.


The run was superbly organised and well thought out.  With pipers at every mile it was a really special touch.  It made me proud to be Scottish and I am sure that many of the tourists who came to Edinburgh for this run were loving this quirky addition.


From brass bands to funky house dj’s (I just loved a bit of Rinse and Repeat by Riton as I hit mile 5) the atmosphere was spot on.  The encouragement from crowds should never be underestimated.  I know I am training hard and that my body is strong but I am also aware that the mind likes to trick us from time to time.  Hearing the crowds shouting things like ‘you are doing amazing’ helps to remind us that yes we are.  We chose to get out of bed on a Sunday morning or off that sofa and face a challenge.


I also had a lump in my throat when I saw a lovely lady handing out jelly beans to the crowds just because she wanted to help and families holding banners saying ‘we love you Mummy/Daddy’ and people running for charity.  People running with passion because they have a story to tell.  They are raising money or awareness or both for something that is close to their hearts.  It was amazing to see and I am so glad to be part of the running community #mummyjojo #mentalhealthawareness.  It is always exciting getting to the end of a run.  I glided down – never a bad thing when the final mile is all downhill.


Thanks to all the organisers of The Great Edinburgh Run.  I shall hang onto my medal with pride.  Definitely an event for the calendar each year x


Ps – thanks for the great goodie bag – my kids esp like their new cape


I have set up a page on facebook to remind me that fitness is a lifestyle and not a fad. I have thrown all my size 16 clothes out so I can’t afford to go back.  Please give my page a like here.  I will be posting my hints and tips that I am learning all the time.  Very happy for others to share tips – this is a community page.

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