Eating the good stuff – pre marathon nutrition

Eating the good stuff  – pre marathon nutrition

It’s now 6 weeks to go, yes I am actually typing the number 6 what is going on? How did that happen?  I am getting focused and giving my body a dose of all the really good stuff. Marathon season is well and truly upon us and there are various articles trending.  Last night I had a quick read of one that a friend had shared.  It was interesting to discover how the body reacts at different stages on such a long distance run.  Then it got to mile 22 and the words – this is when heart attacks happen made me take a deep breath as I shuddered and reread to be sure that’s what it actually said.  What? Ok it is fairly unlikely I will suffer a heart attack but these statistics just remind me of the pressure that over 26 miles will put on our bodies both externally and internally. This has given me a bit of a kick up the butt in terms of ensuring my nutrition is bang on for the next 6 weeks.

I am sharing all my tips on my facebook page – Fitness is not a fad. Feel free to join me for the ride. This is a community page and I am VERY open to tips from others.  I have a lot to learn! I have always been on some kind of fitness fad all my life.  I have dipped in and out of things.  I did it very well and then I gave up.  It must just be something in me.  Do I get bored too easily? Since January 2015, through positive thinking and my mental health awareness campaign I have actually stuck to things.  I have stuck to running, yoga and other forms of exercise because I am constantly reminded of how good this is for both our physical and our mental health. My eating habits are definitely improving as is my alcohol intake.  Don’t worry I still know how to party though 😉

This week I am trying out new smoothies.  I start the morning with a big glass of water (I got a row for starting with tea as this instantly dehydrates us slightly).  I then treat myself to a cup of tea to help me deal with my wee people.  If they are behaving after I have sorted their first breakfast I enjoy preparing mine.


The days they play nicely

More often that not my 1 year old wants held constantly in the morning.  So we eat the same breakfast and make it together.  Making porridge old school time can be a bit of a faff  – heating it, stirring it and then heating it again.  I have found smoothies to be easier.

I had never considered having oats uncooked.  I did a bit research and the best thing to do is to soak them overnight. Oats contain a substance called phytate, but the processing they undergo destroys the enzyme needed to break it down. Phytate can bind with some of the minerals in your oats, which means you can’t absorb them. Soaking your oats in something like almond milk or coconut milk can help decrease the amount of phytate and keep more of the minerals available for absorption.


I am keeping my sugar down at the moment in an attempt to shift weight quicker before the big day.  The less weight I have to run over 26 miles with the better!  Here is my recipe:

Healthy Oat Breakfast Smoothie

2 large spoons of oats (soaked in big glass of almond milk overnight)

Half a banana (my wee dude eats the other half as I blend)

Pinch of cinnamon

Spoonful of chia seeds (these can be soaked overnight too)

Handful of mixed seeds

Honey optional – I left it out today

Top up with a bit more milk or water if required and blend

This was super tasty and my wee dude stole a lot of it!!

Now for the immune system boost and weight loss aid – Bloom Tea Matcha Powder.

I had never heard of it until recently – this stuff is amazing.  It was recommended to me recently by a personal trainer who is experienced in long distance running.  It gives the immune system a serious boost (I pick up a lot of bugs from Bonnie’s nursery).  It is also great for natural fat burning (move over Mummy tummy), full of antioxidants and it provides an incredible energy.  I need energy with my two kids, hectic life and (ahhhh dare I say it again) marathon training!


You can get the powder in Harvey Nicks or for a few quid cheaper good old Holland & Barrett.  I went for the mindpower matcha with ginger in it which gives it a really nice taste, especially in a green smoothie.  The best time to have the powder is mid morning. Yesterday I had it after my morning run which was really refreshing.

Matcha Green Smoothie

Juice of half a lime

Half a teaspoon of matcha powder

Handful of frozen spinach (I like frozen as acts as nice ice cube)

Small handful of grapes

Top with water

This is a very low calorie shake – if you don’t need to lose weight like I do I would suggest adding some chia seeds and almond milk (instead of water)



More tips to come soon.  Please keep sharing yours, I need all the help I can get. Cheers xx



  1. Ruth
    April 13, 2016 / 10:01 pm

    I’m really enjoying all these tips, thanks.
    Recently I’ve found a slow cooker is perfect for hot porridge – set it up the night before. Mine even has a porridge setting.

    • April 14, 2016 / 6:51 am

      Fantastic thanks for that 👌👌 a slow cooker is on my list. I have a pressure cooker which is v apt as with young kids I am always cooking under pressure ha xx

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