I am up for several awards – Thanks so much folks: I do it for the love

I am up for several awards – Thanks so much folks: I do it for the love

To my delight, I have had several tweets from the MADS to say I have been nominated for blog of the year, best writer and a few other categories.

I have always loved writing.  I have just been reading old stories I wrote as a child (bless my Mum for keeping them) to my 3 year old.  There is something magical about reading them to her.  I can see her face lightening up at all the parts I would have got excited about back then.



As a teenager I used to write plays just for the fun of it, then I moved on to love letters and poems (geek).  I started my first attempted book in 2007 after a year travelling around the world.  I then got on the career ladder again and my writing took a bit of a nosedive.

Once maternity leave kicked off (before baby number 2) I decided to start a proper blog. Becoming a Mum changed me.  My initial reason for starting it was because I was so sad at the thought of ever being hit by a bus and leaving my babies behind.  I wanted to be able to document these incredible years that are going way too fast. I wanted my kids to have a piece of me with them always.  My 3 year old named it for me “Mummy Jojo”.  I hope my kids enjoy reading it when they are older and I hope they can learn from my mistakes that I will no doubt pour out (I have no shame).

I write about anything and everything – recent examples include my quest to go to the toilet in peace, coping when a family member gets really ill, losing my baby weight (very slowly), trying to keep the spark going in my marriage and about places and experiences I love. I am always brutally honest.

I wrote a piece about Sam Smith last year and the reason I got into his music in the first place (apart from his epic voice) was down to the lyrics in his song ‘Money on my Mind’. The guy is full of passion like many other fab musicians (Ed Sheeran springs to mind – you know he wrote ‘Love yourself’ not Bieber right?). Sam was pushing the fact that ultimately he sings for the love.  Any money he earns is just a huge bonus.

That is hand on heart how I feel about writing (singing too but I don’t have the balls to audition for X Factor).  I have the word ‘passion’ engraved on my right arm in Thai and although I have had a bit stick for doing that as a ‘carefree/hippy traveler’ I still stand by the reason I got it.  You see, without passion I have no energy and it shows.  In terms of my journey as a writer – my passion is growing everyday.  I want to improve all the time and to learn as much as I can. I just love to write. I am super busy at the moment with two young kids.  Having kids is wonderful apart from when you need to do anything.


Whenever I get some time to myself I write.  If I am not writing I am training for my first marathon in May which is a miracle in itself as last year I was 3 stone overweight (these babes have a lot to answer for) !!  I am currently working with some amazing people and writing a number of articles related to mental health to raise awareness. I am not going to lie – I am a bit nervous about the marathon distance. What spurs me on – the incredible people I am working with that have been through so much. They make a marathon seem like a walk in the park.

Personally, I think in the UK especially, we bottle up feelings too much and we are also too quick to judge others. Having an open mind and understanding why people are the way they are will help us so much. My passion has always been to get people talking. To get people talking about taboo issues that we brush under the carpet. To be able to reach a wide audience though my writing and to help people means the absolute world to me.  To see my viewing stats constantly growing from single figures to 4 figures is just an amazing feeling.  I know that with hard work these figures will continue to grow.

Life can throw curve balls at us and it’s how we handle them that matters. Talking helps so much. Honesty is a great thing. There will be a lot more sharing to come.  I am so passionate about raising awareness, working with incredible people and having lots of fun at the same time 💕💕

Voting is still open for another week and I would love some more nominations if you get a spare second.

Who is getting my vote?

I am new to the blogging community and am aware I need to read a lot more.  I find it hard enough to get the time to have a shower some days (let alone write) but I promise next year I will nominate more people.

A few months ago a friend sent me a link to Sam Avery – (I clearly am a fan of Sam’s) this guy is hilarious and he makes me see the funny side of parenthood when I have a bad day. Sam gets my vote because he is also brutally honest and ‘laughter is the medicine of life’ as they say. My husband and I have twins on both sides so were quite surprised at both scans when we were told we only had one baby in there!  Sam has also provided me with fantastic advice so thanks for that x

Natalie Allera – Nat is a very dear friend of mine.  She is an inspiration and has taught me so much over the years.  She is an avid Dolly fan, a fellow foodie (some great recipes on her blog) a super creative chick who takes amazing photography.  She is a Mum who still knows how to party – and she loves a boozy karaoke session #RESPECT.  I still remember her hilarious posts on facebook a few years ago with comments like ‘thank the lord for Mr Tumble otherwise I would get NOTHING done’.  Tell it how it is sister xx

The Unmumsy Mum – (also pointed out to me recently by a friend) from blogger to author this gal is on fire and a serious role model for us parents who strive to find a balance.  Sarah is always super honest, super  funny and so relatable.   I love the way she embraces the good, the bad and the ugly and shows parenting for how it really is: so incredible but SUCH HARD WORK.  The love we have for these wee people is intense but they can also seriously wind us up. I am sure her amazing work has helped many stop to think before they judge others.  I also know she wouldn’t judge me for giving my kids donuts to keep them still at the supermarket.  I love a non judgemental parent.  Her book is so good.  I would have finished it in one sitting if the kids had allowed x


What are the chances of getting a coffee in peace to read this?


I want to also say a huge thanks to my great pal Grant for teaching me about social media over the past couple of months.  I believe to be a successful writer and blogger, I need to embrace these various platforms with open arms.  I am learning so much and also meeting some really inspirational people.

blog - Grant


Huge love to all the people who have voted for me, I really appreciate every single reader, every single comment, private message, ‘like’ on wordpress, facebook,  instagram and linkedin and every tweet.  Social media is where it’s at baby !! I have some plans for periscope #watchthisspace





  1. Alana
    April 6, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    Keep at it you are brilliant x

  2. April 6, 2016 / 9:26 pm

    Aw thanks for the shoutout, keep up your good work. You are amazing xx

    • April 6, 2016 / 9:31 pm

      Awe thanks so much my lovely xx right back at ya xxxx

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