Soft Play – it’s been emotional and BAD coffee can wait

Soft Play – it’s been emotional and BAD coffee can wait

My recent article about what St John’s Road in Edinburgh needs had a crazy amount of readers. This definitely proves two things – that Mimi’s Bakehouse is VERY popular and that people are interested in more places to go in Corstorphine (dubbed ‘Corstorfun’ by some of my local pals).

I had a fair few people message me with regards to my point about coffee and soft play. The common opinion being that there are not enough places serving decent coffee.  I mean let’s face it – as parents and carers we don’t go to soft play for our own enjoyment do we?  I often find my head spinning when I am there.  Especially since having my 2nd child.  I only have two hands and one set of eyes.  How can I possibly keep up with my 3 year old, my 1 year old AND hold some adult conversation at the same time?

A place that has been an absolute godsend for me is Jenn’s Den in Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh.  When I had my 2nd baby, I took my 2 year old there religiously because I felt guilty. My new baby was taking up SO MUCH of my time and my 2 year old just wanted to play and have fun.  The team welcomed me in with open arms.  Tony (the Manager) actually commented that ‘the Den’ had become my second home and I was close to breaking a record for the amount of time spent there.  It was a no-brainer for me: my 2 year old felt so at home, the staff were great and most importantly – the coffee was always on point.  I was surviving the day on minimum sleep, seeing to the needs of a 2 year old and a hungry little milk monster.  Bad coffee was not an option (also for the feeding Mum’s who crave sugar – their brownies are sooo good).


Great coffee = happy Mama

I felt quite emotional this morning because the past year has gone SO fast.  We have come a long way – my boy is now 1 and I survived that first mad year.  By far, the busiest year of my life.   It was so much fun but also such a blur at the same time.  Going from 1 child to 2 is a serious game changer, especially when they were both under 3 years old.


Love this – too true


I’ve drank a lot of coffee at Jenn’s Den over the past few years. Today, as I watched my kids making memories, it really hit me.  My youngest has come on so much, he is no longer a baby.  He can go on the big slide all by himself.  I actually thought to myself – I could do this all again (I predict my husband will be booking in a small operation after reading this post).


Time flies

I really hope that more places can learn from Jenn’s Den – soft play is not just about the wee ones.  Look out for us parents/grandparents and carers too please.  We need our coffee and we need it strong!! xx

PS – The homemade soup is fab



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