Don’t be intimidated by Mum’s who make scones 

I remember being round at a friends house for a play date and she was whipping up some scones.  I told her I was well impressed and that she made this ‘whole Mum thing look effortless’.  I was slightly in awe – I mean why not just buy a pack at the shops? Was she not busy enough?  I felt very grateful but she really didn’t have to go to all that effort.

Then one day I was fed up.  Bonnie had just drawn all over the chairs and then blamed it on her poor wee brother – I had to laugh and snap a picture.

Caught red handed


I decided I would give this baking thing a shot – I would be ‘super Mum’ and get my apron out. What did I have to lose? It might save our little Picasso from letting loose on further household objects.

Actually, it turns out that making scones is pretty basic stuff.  It is also a great way of keeping my 3 year old quiet and occupied for a good 20 minutes.  If she is playing up (or in the mood for a tantrum) then making scones can actually provide some serious light relief and distraction.  Honestly, the girl is like a dog with a bone when she gets an idea in her head.  She is SO determined and will go on and on until she gets what she wants.  The thing is –  I apparently drove my parents crazy by being exactly the same.  We really do reap what we sow.

Some days I like being a diva – I am 3 …..go figure

I love the fact that scones are so basic – flour and butter, a big sugar, a bit milk and a bit vanilla essence to sweeten them up.  Some days we go for some grated cheese and sun-dried tomatoes if I want to kill two birds with one stone and cover both my 3 year old’s entertainment and her pre nursery lunch.  Let’s face it – anything to keep the dishes down.  That is the only difficult thing about baking scones – the dishes.  Does anyone actually enjoy doing the dishes?  One of my current pet hates is trying to do them as my 1 year old pulls on my legs wanting up.

We had friends round recently and as I whacked a batch of scones in the oven I heard that same familiar line ‘wow you are making this whole Mum thing look effortless’.  Don’t get me wrong – who doesn’t love a wee compliment? It is lovely to have friends say such nice things.  I had to be honest though and replied ‘letting Bonnie make scones was the only way I could enjoy a cup of tea in peace – because being a Mum is rarely effortless where wee people are concerned’.


So: if you are one of those people (like I was) that puts other parents on a pedestal for baking – just remember xx



  1. Savoury scones are my go to when we’ve run out of bread. It’s quicker than running to the shop. Sadly, my kids don’t like them with raisins in so I can’t have them like my Gran used to bake (she could bake anything without thinking about it)

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