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Actions speak louder than words – trying to take my own advice

Actions speak louder than words – trying to take my own advice

On Friday I posted about trying to stay positive because dwelling on the negatives sucks all the energy out of us.  Not even 24 hours later and I caught myself doing the complete opposite of what I said I should.  I was getting super stressed trying to get out the door the following morning.  My wee lad was going nuts, he wanted picked up.  I was trying to pack my bag up and I was getting flustered.  I just wanted a few minutes and it was impossible.

It is easy to write encouraging words – acting on them is the hard part.  I smiled to myself and rather than screaming and ‘going pure radge’ at my husband to help (as I was about to) I took a deep breath and tried to laugh at the situation.  I took a quick video of Charlie knowing that we will laugh about the madness of attempting to leave the house when he is bigger.  I actually find it so cute when I stop for a second and look at that wee cheeky face (even when he gives me no let up).

I drove into town as I had to go to the printers to get my running top sorted for my half marathon next weekend.  It took me a while to find a parking space (getting annoyed would have been easy but I tried to keep smiling and enjoyed the beats on the radio). Finally I got sorted and walked along to find the shop.  I arrived and then realised it was closed and not open for another 30 minutes.  How annoying plus I had only paid to park for 30 minutes!  I had a long list of stuff to do and a short couple of kiddie free hours to do it in.  Again, I reminded myself not to dwell on the negatives.  I decided I would go check out a new coffee shop on route back to the car.  Off I went, got myself a coffee (which was lovely) and walked back to the car to put more money in the meter.  Just as I had paid more money, the rain started to pelt down.  Not ideal but I decided I wouldn’t dwell on it and instead I would do a nice sprint to the shop.  I focused on the fact that it was actually quite refreshing to run in the pouring rain.  I also had a nice buzz from that coffee.

I hopped back in the car and drove to my next port of call.  There were a few angry people driving about.  I can spot road rage a mile off.  It is like some people just love to take their frustration out on anyone they can find the smallest problem with.  I  heard horns going nuts at people for not leaving at a green light fast enough, for not going through a yellow light quick enough, for driving too slow.  Is there really a need to get so frustrated? What difference will an extra minute make? As far as I was aware there were no pregnant woman panting in any of the said vehicles.   Just angry faces with rocketing blood pressure, pushing their odds of crashing the car up by 50%.  I was reminded of my little bump a month ago.  It was a super snowy morning.  I lost complete control of our mini on a small narrow street and slid right into another car.  I was frustrated ringing the doorbell to tell the guy what had happened.  I was frustrated I had driven in the snow. Daydreaming in the car about this started some negative thoughts playing in my mind.  – ooops going against my own advice yet again – what a hypocrite!  I gave myself a wee shake and started thinking about the fact that nobody was hurt and that the guy who’s car I had bashed was so understanding.   Pondering over ‘should have, could have’ just prolongs the agony.  I thought to myself ‘let it go’.

This brings me on to today – we have all been pretty shattered.  My husband and I were up later than normal with friends last night (enjoying life whooop).  We didn’t enjoy the wake up call our son gave us at 645am this morning though.  It was brutal.  This afternoon we were doing that awful thing – counting down the hours until bedtime.  We decided we would snap out of it and not completely right the day off ‘as we were too tired’.  We got packed up and took the kids swimming at a local hotel.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  We instantly felt better having made the effort to get out the house and enjoy the day. Chilling as a 4 in the pool and hot-tub perked us right up.   If we had just moped around at home we would have a – got on each others nerves b – got totally bored of watching Peter Rabbit and c – eaten way too much chocolate.  Instead we had fun and actually found some energy.

The moral of this post is that talking the talk is easy and walking the walk is hard.  I am glad I gave it a shot though and as corny as it may sound my weekend has hand on heart been better for it.  Happy Sunday peeps, have a great week x








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