What Corstorphine needs – well done Mimi’s Bakehouse x

What Corstorphine needs – well done Mimi’s Bakehouse x

In terms of  Edinburgh hot spots to go to socialise, it seems to be all about The Shore, Stockbridge, Canonmills, Morningside and Brunsfield.  What about Corstorphine?  There is a HUGE demand to revamp the high street.  I want to support local businesses as best as I can, but at the same time there is a need for a greater variety. St Johns Road has a nice ring to it but I fear not enough people say “Let’s hit St John’s Road tonight/today”.

Massive respect to Mimi’s bakehouse for setting the trend, for listening to the public and coming to Corstorphine.  I predict it will be swamped.  I had a chat with our neighbour, Kirsty, who owns Pink salon on the main street (this girl is seriously good with hair).  As a business owner Kirsty thinks that the opening of Mimi’s will be great for her fab salon and other local businesses.

I went to check the latest bakehouse out with friends.  The coffee is lovely, breakfast is super tasty – scrambled eggs and smoked salmon went down a treat with my one year old and I and the waffles looked so good.  As for the cakes, don’t even get me started.  Let’s just say it took some serious self control and I left with a VERY happy 3 year old who said she was so impressed she was paying the bill.


I want that cake!! #welljel

The only downside is that demand is HIGH.  The place was packed so it may not always be possible to get a table.  To me that is a clear sign that the people of Corstorphine and surrounding areas are crying out for more places to go.  Here is my wish list for St Johns Road:

Mimi’s bakehouse – tick and thank you.  See you again soon x

Waitrose – I was super excited about this one.  What happened? It was meant to open up and then plans changed.  The one in Stockbridge and Morningside is always packed and let’s face it those main streets have just as much traffic as St John’s Road.

Iain Mellis – are you listening?  I just don’t always have the time to get to Stockbridge.  I promise you will be so busy.  Who doesn’t love cheese and we all know you are really quite special.  Share the love, please?


Starbucks – all the hot spots have one so why shouldn’t St John’s Road? Don’t get me wrong – bring steam punk here or a wee artisan coffee shop and I am laughing.  I would also like to see a Starbucks because the coffee is pretty tasty (as are the fraps in Summer and festive coffee at Christmas), they look clean, they look shiny and they signify that an area is popular (sorry to the Starbucks slaters)!


A nice wine and cocktail bar. Somewhere close to go for a night off with the hubs or a good old chin wag with my friends would be super handy.  I am talking decent wine that doesn’t give you a hangover, good quality cocktails (not those out of a packet) and some nice, fresh tapas.  How I imagine Rollo in Stockbridge (still to get there and target is by Spring). I know so many lovely Mum’s in this area who need somewhere close by to have a break from the routine of kids bedtime.  After tickling my 3 year old’s back until 9pm last night – I AM ONE OF THEM!


Dare I say it – softplay.  I need to tire my 1 year old out oh my the boy is unstoppable. Small request though – a softplay with DECENT coffee.  These are few and far between.  My current prize goes to Jenn’s Denn who do great coffee.  I had one recently elsewhere (only rate never slate – bite my tongue) and it was a struggle.  I was tired so I drank it anyway. Come on folks, sort it out.  If I win the lottery I might open one myself. There are SO many families around here – it’s a no-brainer.

Pizza express a staple, family friendly crowd-pleaser.  The kids love it, they do a great pizza, they always do a deal (keep the hubs happy) and I am a chilli lover.  Their calabrese extra hot is always a winner – plus if you are trying to lose weight like me you can just share a pizza for around 500 calories. It saves me gaining pounds and the hubs paying extra £££ – everyone is happy!


Passorn – For my fix of Asian food it would have to go to Passorn.  I am delighted to hear they have just opened their 2nd restaurant in the city.  I have eaten in so many restuarants across Thailand and these guys have simply nailed it. The food is fresh and creative.  It is a top class fine dining experience that Corstorphine is crying out for.


A Dominion cinema 


Ok so I get it – there is only one Dominion.  Something like it though with that personal ‘home from home’ touch would be amazing!

St John’s Road is the first main street that the airport bus drives through.  It is very near the zoo, it is surrounded by houses and flats.  It deserves a little more credit and those local businesses deserve more people. Let’s mix things up a bit!



  1. Graeme Inglis
    March 9, 2016 / 7:39 pm

    You haven’t mentioned Redwood, a lovely foodie’s place that is so good for dinner, lunch, coffee’s etc.

    • March 9, 2016 / 8:55 pm

      How funny I drove past it today and thought I need to try there – it’s on the list thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Katy
    March 10, 2016 / 3:50 pm

    Great article! I don’t actually live in Cirstorphine but know the area well and have many friends who do. I completely agree… Good luck in getting your thoughts out there.

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