A quick Thank You xx

A quick Thank You xx

I started this blog around a year and a half ago.  I didn’t touch it much but then friends, family and people I have never met started messaging me to say they enjoyed reading my stuff.  They used pretty big words like ‘powerful’, ‘aspirational’, ‘hilarious’ and yip my favourite word (I have had a bit stick for getting tattooed on me but no regrets haha) – ‘passion’.   These amazing people didn’t realise how much this feedback gave me a desire to keep sharing.  In the space of just a few months things have really started to pick up  (I still don’t have the time to post each day but am trying to write as much as possible). I adore the fact I now have regular readers (male and female) who enjoy ‘sitting with a coffee and reading my latest posts’.   I also adore the fact that a lot of my readers are people I have never met.  I am passionate about making this blog really worth people’s time.  Coffee breaks are precious as are wine breaks!

As a passionate writer, I had a good think about where my blog fits into a very crowded marketplace and how I can make my posts original. I am conscious it may appear as though my site is for parents only, yet some of my readers have commented they have no kids.  The fact is yes I am a Mum and I love writing about parenting but my blog is also very much a lifestyle blog

I will be 100% honest to the fact it embarrasses me to post sometimes.  I will lose all ego, at times all self respect and I will bare my soul.  I will write about funny experiences that will hopefully make you laugh or smile.  I will write about sad things that will move you (yip I have been known to make people have a good cry).  I will write some aspirational stuff (I only share the posts I think will help people) and I will try my best to change opinions on taboo subjects that I feel strongly about.  I will write about places and experiences I love – I will be a rater not a slater.

So there you have it.  That is what to expect over the next few years and I really hope you continue to join me for the ride. I would like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who reads and everyone who I have worked with so far.  I have already met and spoken to some incredible people. You inspire me and I am super excited to keep on writing.

To those who have helped me/are helping me anonymously I can’t thank you enough and I am so grateful for your courage and passion to raise awareness for mental health and to help people through sharing some deep, personal stuff xx

Also a HUGE thanks to the hubs, my family and friends for showing such an interest and sharing the posts you enjoy. Also my guru’s -Nat (Online), Clara (Marketing), Grant (Social Media) Glenda (Network Marketing), JJ (PR) and David (social work support).  You have all given me amazing advice #respect

Big love, Mummy Jojo xx


Cheers x




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