Bringing sexy back for your ‘valentine’ 

Bringing sexy back for your ‘valentine’ 

Just like that Valentine’s day is again upon us. Love it or hate it #commercialbull the 14th of February reminds us to make an effort for our significant other.  Let’s face it – even those who say it is a load of rubbish will be secretly raging watching the masses go nuts on social media posting images of flowers, cards and gifts.

The fundamental need of us humans is to be loved.  Deep down we all want those cards and declarations of passion and romance. For those of us who fall into the category of –

1 – being passed the honeymoon period

2 – settled down with kids

3 – comfortable/content in our relationships

WE HAVE SOME SERIOUS WORK TO DO!! Staying in love requires patience and understanding.  Gone are the days of being glued to each other, spending hours in bed, sitting up chatting till 6am.  It is so easy to become lazy and with national groundhog day under wraps it is time to mix things up a bit !  To embrace my ‘valentine’ I feel I need to ditch my pj’s and slippers and dig out the heels.  Valentine’s day has a serious knack for reminding us to show some appreciation and make a bit more effort.   Many say ‘it should be Valentine’s day everyday’ which is just plain unrealistic and with kids – impossible

Here is what I think us parents REALLY need to bring sexy back this Valentine’s day -TIME.  Ah what a precious thing that we took for granted for all those years.  Imagine having time?  Do you remember those days pre kids?  Time to just lie in bed, time to go to the cinema, time to read an entire magazine.  Time to cook a nice meal from scratch, perhaps with some tunes on and a glass of wine – how relaxing does that sound?  Most of the time I spend attempting to cook these days involves a 1 year old pulling on my leg and a 3 year old yelling ‘hurry Mummy, Mummy I am hungry quick quick quick hurry.’  What used to be one of my favourite times of the day is now my most stressful.  I have very limited time to cook.  A passion of mine that is very much ON HOLD. As much as I adore my baby cuddles, and pinch myself often at how lucky I am, it will be SO easy when both kids are happy to sit and watch an entire movie.  I will have AN HOUR AND A HALF to myself in the kitchen.  Looking forward to dusting off The French Laundry cookbook my brother got us a few years ago.

From laundry to  lingerie – do you remember the days we had time to get ready? Again perhaps over a glass of wine, a nice long hot bath or shower.  No rush.  Time to get ready to look like this –



Yip you guessed it.  This was pre kids.  I had just turned pregnant with my first baby and wanted to get some shots taken for my hubs to remind him I am more than just the Mother of his kids. Sometimes I forget who this person is.  Life before ‘Mummy Jojo’. Life when I had time.  These days (no exaggeration) I get ready in the car.  I throw my clothes on, stick some rollers in and do my make up on the run. That aint sexy!


As parents it is good to have a reminder of the interests we enjoy outwith the kids.  I like to socialise, I like to dance, I like to get pampered.  Nowadays it is hard enough to find time to go to the loo in peace let alone find time to get dolled up. Getting ready consists of a 1 year old pulling at my GHD’S (now off limits) and a 3 year old playing with all my make up and stealing her favourites (which happen to be mine). Some time to make myself look less ‘Mummy’ and more ‘sexy’ would be fab.  I think the hubs would enjoy a nice break from seeing me in my pj’s and slippers with no make up on.

Time to talk – to sit and chat (preferably over a nice meal and a few drinks) would be lovely and have a good old laugh.  Do you remember the days we had limitless time to sit and have a conversation with no interruptions? My most common line these days is “what were we just saying”?


Time to dance – Dancing is good for the soul.  One of my resolutions for this year is to dance more.


Time to have a candlelit bath – heaven.  Ideally with a glass of champagne, some nice ESPA oils and a wee foot massage like 2011 (pre kids) but just time to have a KID FREE bath without a plastic dolphin thrown in my face every 2 minutes would be bliss.

Right I could easily have picked 10 but I am stopping at 4 and feel I am being a bit greedy at that.  The best things in life are free – you can hold off on the diamonds babe.  We may be a 4 for the majority of Valentines Day but let’s just find a bit TIME.  Somewhere, somehow. XX






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