Not today. A response for someone who asks what have you been doing all day -why is the house still a mess?!!!???

Not today.  A response for someone who asks what have you been doing all day -why is the house still a mess?!!!???

So far today has been a great day – the wee people behaved at the shops, I drank a full warm coffee, we saw friends, the kids played nicely AND the sun was shining for the nursery run – lovely!


Lovely day x

Some days are not that lovely. Some days are HARD.  Some days the kids need so much attention.  Some days my 1 year old son wants me beside him constantly – mainly if he is teething or under the weather.  Those days are tough.  They require patience and understanding.  At the end of those days I am tired.  Last week was one of them – 4 new teeth. Man I hate those things. I needed cheering up so I decided to make a really tasty curry from scratch for the hubs getting home.  He will be delighted.  I was feeling super proud of it – not an easy task bashing away with the pestle and mortar whilst two tired kids pull on my legs late on in the afternoon.  I am dancing away in the kitchen feeling a bit like super Mum.


The hubs gets home, the curry smells amazing.  It is simmering away on the hob.  Both kids are finally smiling and happy.  What does he say? The worst words I could possibly hear…..

Why is the house still a mess?  What have you been doing all day?

NOT TODAY!  I have no words.  Tempted to throw the curry all over him I leave the room.  I am sure this will happen in the future again.  I am sure he will come home on one of those days and ask me that question.  I will make him sit down and listen to exactly what I have been doing all day.  I will bore him with every detail.  I will make him read this blog post 20 times 🙂 Feel free to edit and pass on to anyone else who asks you the same shocker of a question on the WORST DAYS. The first blog post I have written that bored me but it will come in handy.

When someone asks: what have you been doing all day? 

Bring both kids downstairs
Boil the kettle
Make the kids breakfast while 1 year old cries and pulls my leg
Help feed the kids breakfast
Get them more juice
Deal with a tantrum
Wipe the kids down
Take kids to play with toys
Leave them and attempt to make coffee and a piece of toast
1 year old comes through crying and pulls on my leg
3 year old has pulled his truck off him
Attempt to get 3 year old to play nicely with 1 year old
Go back to continue making coffee and toast
1 year old comes through again
3 year old has stolen his ball, he wants a hug
Repeat of this process x 5 – I finally gulp down cold coffee and half a slice of dry toast
Take kids upstairs – attempt to dress both kids.  1 year old has done a massive cack.  Attempt to clean it up, he is rolling around like mad and has put his hands in it.  He is screaming and crying. I have ran out of wipes.  Beg 3 year old to find me another pack of wipes as I stand holding his legs in the air attempting to keep his hands out of the mess
Tidy up the mess and finally get 1 year old dressed as he kicks and screams
3 year old doesn’t want to wear anything I pick – she runs away from me
Finally get her to put clothes on (I might have said chocolate)
Time to attempt shower.  Leave 1 year old and 3 year old in 3 year olds bedroom with lots of toys. Tell 3 year old to be gentle with baby brother
Get in shower, ah relax a minutes peace. Hot water feels so nice, hear 1 year old screaming – look down he is banging on shower door and trying to get in.  Yell to 3 year old to bring me my towel.  Get out slowly whilst trying not to catch 1 year olds fingers in the door
Change 1 year old as his socks are wet from almost jumping in shower as I open it
Brush my teeth – attempt to get 1 year old and 3 year old to brush teeth.  Try to teach 3 year old to stop swallowing water and spit it out  and 1 year old to stop smearing toothpaste everywhere
Attempt to get dressed as 1 year old pulls on my leg wanting up
No time to dry or brush hair
Go downstairs – 3 year old asks who is coming to play or where we are going before nursery.  It’s 10am.  I wanted a chilled day (how ironic)  so have nothing arranged.  It is stormy and raining outside.  There are 2 hours until nursery.  Must find an activity
Tell  3 year old we will bake
1 year old just wants cuddles
Flour, eggs, milk and butter everywhere
3 year old happy, 1 year old not impressed wants to play catch with his new ball
Attempt to tidy up mess, 1 year old wants up for more cuddles
Start making lunch for kids
Heat up some soup – 3 year old decides she wants a ham sandwich instead
Don’t want to send her to nursery hungry so make sandwich while 1 year old goes nuts
1 year old over tired and wants up – must keep him awake for the nursery run
Get 3 year old dressed in coat and wellies. She doesn’t like the hat I have put on her, screams for her Peppe Pig hat
1 year old is over it and screaming.  Put him in his push bike
Throw things in nursery bag.  Put house alarm on, set off up the hill.
The wind is strong and the rain is plentiful.  I should have driven the kids up.  We are all freezing.  3 year old wants me to carry her. I am pushing the bike and holding her bag whilst carrying her.  Her muddy welly boots are making a nice dent in my freshly washed jeans.  Why oh what did I buy a white coat?


What a muppet – white coat with kids?!?


Finally make it up to nursery
3 year old tells nursery teacher Mummy told her to spit not swallow
Explain to teacher this is related to brushing her teeth
Teacher laughs
Get 3 year old settled and into nursery shoes, kiss her goodbye
Back down the hill with 1 year old
Heat up bottle
Another dirty nappy – repeat wrestling process
Wash hands
Feed 1 year old milk and attempt to put to bed – he cries and wants more cuddles
Finally get him in cot
Boil kettle
Clear kids dishes from table
Pick up bread and ham from the floor
Have a few bites of the soup 3 year old refused to eat
Sit down with coffee and relax ahhhh
1 year old starts crying.  He should settle.  Please
1 year old keeps crying – ditch coffee and go upstairs
He is biting his cot with red cheeks
Give calpol
Rock him and lay him back down
He cries and wants more cuddles – repeat process x 4
Go downstairs
Coffee is cold, can’t be bothered making another cup
Grab a chocolate biscuit – it’s only Monday but who cares I need it
Send some emails. Reply to a couple of texts I started this morning
Take a chance and make another coffee – nespresso shot this time
1 year old wakes just as I am finishing coffee
Bring him downstairs, enjoy sleepy cuddles
Play ball – 1 year old’s favourite game
Make him  snack
Pick most of it up from the floor
Get coats on – the rain is shocking
Put 1 year old in car seat – he is not impressed – was enjoying our ball game
Drive up to nursery
Collect 3 year old, she is hungry, tired and looking for a fight
Get both kids strapped in car – 3 year old going nuts strap too tight
3 year old screams for treat
Back home
Put kids in front of tv with a snack
Start chopping vegetables for curry – 1 year old comes and pulls on my leg
Carry him back to tv/play room with a snack
Go marinate chicken, more chopping and bashing of herbs and spices. 1 year old comes through again pulls on my legs
Take him back through to TV and give him another breadstick
3 year old wants a juice then help to wipe her bum. Wash hands
Tidy some dishes away
1 year old comes back pulling on my leg
Wipe his highchair down and put him in it with MORE snacks so I can start kids tea
Boil pasta, cook a bit chicken and find some pesto
1 year old bored and wants out of highchair
Play on rug with kids whilst their pasta cooks
Set table and pick up bits of grape and cheese from under highchair
Feed kids dinner, get them more drinks
Check the curry isn’t burning
Daddy enters just as 1 year old throws a pile of pesto pasta on floor

‘Wow what a mess, what have you been doing all day ‘







































  1. Carrie
    January 28, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    Hahaha spit dont swallow! Made me laugh after a long day!

    • January 28, 2016 / 9:54 pm

      Delighted I made you laugh 😂😂😂😂💗💗💗💗

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