About me/media kit

About me/media kit


Thanks for stopping by.  I am Jojo Fraser, author of mummyjojo.com, a lifestyle columnist and mental health ambassador.  I am currently writing my first lifestyle book which is set in Edinburgh.  It is a  comedic self help book with a twist.


I have been passionate about writing for as long as I can remember.  I have notepads full of my work from pre internet days.  My readers know me for always being 100% genuine and at times unashamedly uncensored.


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I will only work with brands that I believe in and love.  I will only write about places and experiences that I genuinely enjoy.

I love to collaborate with positive and determined people.  My mission is to be entertaining, informative and inspirational.  Mental wellness will always be at the heart of what I do.

My background is in both Marketing, Sales and Account Management for bigmouthmedia and The Town House Collection.  My client portfolio includes:

I helped to launch Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow and set up over 100 corporate accounts.  I enjoyed writing the Town House Collection blog so much that I decided to start my own.


Besides writing, my key  passions are – promoting mental wellness, smashing the stigma topics that we avoid, quality food and drink, spa and pampering, boutique and luxury hotels, running, fitness, reading, singing and music.

Brands that I have worked with so far in 2016 since launching Mummy Jojo



I look forward to getting to know you.  Please drop me a line – mummyjojoblog@gmail.com

‘Mummy Jojo is refreshingly honest, heart warningly funny and unashamedly uncensored’
Scottish Widows
‘Jojo Fraser is someone who doesn’t live by the boundaries of keeping a stiff upper lip’
Evening News
‘A moving writer who has used her experience of depression to help others’
Mental Health Foundation
‘Jojo is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues’
Women’s running magazine

Some questions from my readers –

Scariest thing you have done?

Mmmm tough one, sky diving, one of the worlds largest bungy jumps or hitchiking in America may top it.  Internet dating back in 2005 was pretty scary too.  I am sure it’s a lot better now.

How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember.  My Mum has notebooks of stories I wrote when I was 5.  I read them to my little girl.  Writing, running and fitness in general is a form of therapy for me. We all need something.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Tough one – I loved Thailand so much I have the word passion in Thai inked on my arm.  I love Ibiza, Greece, Italy and Australia.  I do believe though that it is not always where you are, it is who you are with.  I have been in some of the most stunning places and felt lonely and some pretty average places and felt on fire.

What inspired you to promote mental wellness?

It’s a long story –my story ** warning emotional post alert

What is your favourite food?

Too many – fillet steak, goats cheese – in fact all cheese,  spicy Thai, king scallops, prawns, dark chocolate and homemade Christmas cake with brandy butter to name a few.

What is your favourite drink?

A good cappuccino, an ice cold glass of Bollinger or Sancerre.  I like a really creamy red wine – St Julien is stunning or a good Barolo with a punch.  Cocktails – passion fruit daiquiri, coconut Margarita, espresso martini and an extra spicy bloody Mary.  Mostly though I drink water and fresh lime.  LOVE fresh lime.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Passionate, determined, uncensored and gushy

Favourite word?



Too many – The Holiday, Closer (Jude Law mmmmm), Love Actually, Arlington Road, Home Alone.

Where do you go to relax?

Running outdoors, a spa ah Gleneagles.  We have started an annual spa break kiddie free in December.  Just what Santa ordered.

Dream job? I love acting, everyone at school was convinced I would go to drama school but I opted for a degree in business and marketing at the last minute. Then my dream job was to be a food critic.  The great thing about Mummy Jojo is I can still act in my vlogs (more of that to come in the future) and I can review amazing food.  As long as I am passionate about a topic then it will organically slot into my lifestyle and mental wellness work.

Most embarrassing moment?

Publishing this first ever vlog of me singing in my joggers with messy hair.  It was worthwhile though. A Mum with depression wrote to me that week to tell me it made her crease herself laughing.  The other moments were due to too much vodka.

Words of wisdom?

Enjoy booze but try and control it – never let it control you. Find something you are passionate about and work your ass off.  Life is too short to do a job you don’t enjoy.  Be kind – everyone is dealing with something.  Being an asshole is unnecessary.

Favourite tunes?

Electro house, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, chart music – I love most music but not huge on really heavy metal.

Life mission?

Deep!!  To be happy and help to make others happy too.  Contentment is key and love always wins.  Yip – told you I was gushy.




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