This boy ….

This boy ….

Fast asleep, I breath a sigh of relief – I can FINALLY enjoy that coffee in peace

This boy always tugging on my leg for attention, give him to a teenager for the day – best birth prevention

He attacks a tub of hummus like no other, he really is a messy little brother


Biting and nipping me is his favorite entertainment, and throwing things from his pram all over the pavement

This boy is the cheekiest I have ever met, he would be a monkey if he were a pet

He screws up his face to make me laugh, he doesn’t do anything by half


Does a cheekier smile exist?


When he hears me shout ‘no’ his face fills with delight, amazing I will laugh and go give Mummy another bite

I scream ‘no that hurts stop biting Mummy’ so he gets his wee fists and nips me hard in the tummy.

I yell out again ‘ouch ouch Char that’s sore’ so he leaps for big sister grabs her hair oh no it’s war

He loves to undo all the work I have done, pulling dirty clothes out the machine is way too much fun



He’s constantly stealing the remote or my phone, once he gets his hands on them he’s like a dog with a bone


He just loves a reaction -he’ll try anything, he’s currently obsessed with reaching the chocolate tin


Changing his nappy is a constant mission, he flips and he yells and keeps changing position


He jumps in his toy box, he climbs up the stairs, throws his hand down a toliet this boy has no fear

He loves his bath and splashing  me like crazy – I’m now tired and craving a wine and calabrese


I kiss him goodnight and he gives me that grin, I can’t get enough of his baby soft skin

Sweet dreams little dude you make my heart melt, just sleep all night please and do as yer telt !!


This cheeky little boy 💙💙


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