One day you will realise, my little babe x

One day you will realise, my little babe x

Love feeding you milk and putting you to bed, don’t love you waking me at 3am.  One day you will realise how amazing a full nights sleep can be.

Love being there for you when you are sick, don’t love cancelling great things due to bugs.  One day you will realise that these things mostly happen when you have great plans.


Love the excitement on your face when I give you chocolate, don’t love the sugar high tantrums. One day you will realise that too much chocolate is a child’s substitute to alcohol – it can make you do crazy things!


Love dressing you up all cute, don’t love all those missing/odd socks.  One day you will realise that pulling them off is overrated but hey if you can’t beat em join em.



Mummy Jojo kicking back at soft play

Love getting a break and putting kids tv on, don’t love when I need to do this the most and can’t find the remote.  One day you will realise that tv can be an absolute lifesaver.


Love how much you love me, don’t love you tugging at my leg while I am on the loo.  One day you will realise how nice it is to go to the toilet in peace.


Love feeding you nice meals, don’t love wrestling you down to clean your bum.  One day you will realise that changing nappies can be a serious mission.


Love having a bath with you, don’t love you crying when it’s time to get out.  One day you will realise that it’s nice to get into your cosy pyjamas and go to bed.  Also nothing really comes close to the fuzzy feeling you get when you watch your baby sleep.


Love how much you enjoy nursery, don’t love walking you there and back in the wind and pouring rain.  One day you will realise that Scottish weather can really suck.


Love seeing you laugh, don’t love to see you cry.  One day you will realise that seeing your child upset can physically hurt.

One day my wish is to be by your side when you realise (Granny Jojo).  One day  x



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