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My Christmas Resolutions for 2015 vs what actually happened

My Christmas Resolutions for 2015 vs what actually happened

Christmas 2015 I will –

1 -Finally take Bonnie to The Dome and admire their huge Christmas tree – tick.  Although it is not the place to take young kids for a meal.  A much better venue for a romantic night or drinks with friends.  Also, the spinning door to enter is a NIGHTMARE with prams.


2 – Get to the Edinburgh Christmas markets and go on the big wheel – tick.  The big wheel is £25 for a family pass, however has been upgraded significantly since the tiny, rattling cages I was anticipating (from memory of about 10 years ago).  We all loved it and the markets were fun too but again a bit too busy and annoying with a pram.  It was freezing so lots of layering especially for the wee ones is essential.


3 – Go for a festive run with friends and family.  Tick. I have been running religiously for almost a year now.   Delighted that 2015 is probably the first December ever that I have actually lost weight and not gained.


4 – Watch Home Alone – We attempted this and then I shortly realised that my 3 year old was going to have terrible nightmares that night if I didn’t turn it off. We put Deck the Halls on instead and it was a big hit!


5 – Finally have a family photo shoot – tick and great fun



Love the cheeky smiles in this one x

6 – Go to a Christmas carol service – fail as the hubs surprised me with a trip to Gleneagles the night I had planned to take Bonnie to one.  Next year! Can never complain about a much needed kiddie free spa break away.  I think everyone should make this an annual tradition to escape from the to do lists and indulge in a bubble of festive fun.


7 – Have the vast majority of my gifts purchased in November so any shopping in December is fully relaxed and can involve festive coffee stops or cocktails.  TOTAL FAIL! Every year I say I will get better and I never learn.  As predicted I was running around like mad up until the shops closed on Christmas Eve.  This included sourcing the best turkey we could find.  I came close to a couple of meltdowns and then had to give myself a firm shake and put things into perspective!!



8 – Buy a huge Santa for the house.  Fail although I did manage to get a nice medium sized Santa and Snowman which the kids loved. Great to add to the collection.


I hope you had a great Christmas 2015 and all the very best for the year ahead.  2015 has taught me a few valuable lessons which I want to take with me –

  • We are often the most productive when we are at our busiest.  It’s always good to set new goals and have a challenge to keep life exciting
  • It is important to know when to take a break to keep us sane – for me it is a good massage, a long hot bath or an hour to stop and read.  How do you unwind? it’s essential for the body and the mind
  • The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen (providing you are fit and well).  Find something you enjoy that keeps you active, you will never regret a workout and the energy it gives is fab
  • It is much healthier to always try to see the best in others and to not take things personally.  If someone appears overly critical let it go and love them anyway.
  • Good food, wine and laughter (and an expresso martini) make for a great night out

Cheers xx



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