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My ongoing saga of preventing food wastage!

My ongoing saga of preventing food wastage!

I hate wasting food with a capital H.  My Mum would often talk to me about  rationings during ww2, she is 1 of 5 and every bite they received was cherished and appreciated.  My current pet hate is the hubs ‘nipping to the shops’ on his way back from work to grab something random and double buying.  Last week he came home with a bag of carrots forgetting I had picked one up the day before.

Every week I aim to be more organised.  I will write a list and plan out the meals for the week so we are buying food we will actually use so nothing gets binned. It can be all to easy to just cave into the marketing and pick up the deals we don’t really need.  I have so many brilliant recipe books and I want to start using and taking inspiration from different chefs each week.  Some weeks are a bit of a shambles but as our plans were postponed this rank rainy morning I looked at two almost full bags of carrots and decided I would get into the groove.

Carrot and coriander soup and carrot cake it is then.

I love a homemade soup. You can’t beat it some days – super tasty and healthy.  All the mess is a bit annoying but to me it’s worth it for the flavour and also being able to control the amount of sugar and salt.  I enjoy my soups with a bit of a kick, however as this one is for the kids too I just add chilli flakes at the end when I serve mine.

Quick Waste not Want not Carrot soup

4 carrots
a handful of chopped ginger
handful of fresh coriander (had leftover from curries made last week and needed used)
chicken stock
an onion
some leftover white cabbage I was close to binning

The beauty of a vegetable soup is being able to throw things in that need used – celery, leeks, cauliflower, broccoli etc. would work fine.  As long as there is decent seasoning and some stock it will be tasty.  It would be even better with fresh stock made from a Sunday roast.  Mental note – slow roast pork next week! This soup cooked away in the pressure cooker and Bonnie and I got to work on the cake.

I used the above recipe and it turned out a treat (didn’t bother with the frosting as a bit indulgent for a Monday and can’t be bothered with sugar high drama from 3 year old).  The great thing about making carrot cake is the kids were happy to snack on grated carrot and chopped orange as we mixed.  Healthy ingredients makes my life a bit easier. Making rockie road is another story and best done when the hubs is around to help #marshmallowhigh #biscuithigh #highasakitekids


Happy kids mixing and snacking on orange, carrot and raisons


The only mistake I made was letting the kids sample the cake before the soup! I will need to shovel some into them after nursery/Charlie’s nap x



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