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Is religion really over? Thoughts that keep me awake at night in this crazy world 

Is religion really over? Thoughts that keep me awake at night in this crazy world 

As mentioned in my baby brain post last month- the news makes me sad.  I find it hard to watch and it scares me that our children have to live in a world where such evil exists.  I know I can’t live with my head in the clouds and pretend it is not happening but some days I want to.

I found myself lying awake in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was one of those nights I was in the best, deepest sleep ever then suddenly the worst alarm clock starts.  My screaming baby. I can feel my heart beating super fast from the shock.  I was enjoying that dream. It’s times like this I tell myself there is no way we are having a 3rd child. It’s just not natural to be woken so unexpectedly.  After finally settling the wee guy I plan to go straight back into that amazing sleep. Especially as I have a very busy day ahead. Four hours later I  am still lying awake. I have a stinking cold, my nose won’t stop running and I am thinking. Trying my best to not think but thinking what can I do about this crazy world? I feel so helpless.

There is so much love displayed in many faiths I find it sad that the recent evil in the world is giving religion a bad name.  Being raised in a Christian home, the key biblical values drummed into me were to love others, to be slow to judge, to show respect and kindness.  I find it sad that the evil acts of a small minority should cause many to make generalisations. Is evil not a human choice? What about all the amazing parts of religion? The parts the press don’t mention. All the care work, communities coming together to help one another and pray for peace. Personally I feel very blessed to have grown up in the church. When I was younger I was slightly mortified as it wasn’t seen as cool to go to the Sunday service. I did spend a lot of time playing with my polly pockets (fab vintage toys I am delighted my mum kept btw). As I got older I realised that the church was in fact a cool place. People were nice to each other, there was a love and feeling of community that I have never quite experienced. Most importantly I still keep the teachings close to my heart. The fundamental one being that love conquers all.

I feel very blessed to have so many special people in my life. Some are athiest, some are unsure, some are Christian, some are Muslim, some are Catholic. Some believe in reincarnation. Who am I to tell any of them that their way is wrong? They are harming nobody. I love surrounding myself with people that inspire me, that make me laugh, people who care. People who focus on making their life on this earth a happy one. People that love this amazing life and embrace it no matter what comes their way.

Those who are currently demonstrating so much evil focus on the afterlife. It is clear to see that heaven and hell already exist on the earth.  My definition of those are as follows –

Hell – those who delight in evil, hatred, anger, bitterness, greed and jealousy.  Those who lie and are quick to judge.  Surely being surrounded in these emotions will only spoil this life?

Heaven – those who delight in love, the truth, those who are slow to show anger, those who always try to see the good in others and genuinely help and please others.  Surely traits that will make for a far healthier, happier life?

There are many that suffer on this earth – many amazing people. I remember walking through the poorest parts of Africa. I was greeted with nothing but smiles. These people were literally starving with no homes but were singing and dancing? No bitterness in sight. What about those that lost loved ones recently in Paris – Antoine Leiris speaks out refusing to hold hatred in his heart despite his terrible grief.  What an incredible example of a decent human being. What about those that are diagnosed with terminal illnesses who choose to spend the rest of their life helping others?

It hit me in those wee small hours that I can do something. I can teach my children to love unconditionally. I can teach them the most important traits in life. To be humble, to not judge, to give, to be honest, to be greatful. Of course I will slip up. I will shout, I will make mistakes, I won’t always be that loving person I want go be. But for the majority of my life I am sure going to try. In the end love always wins x




  1. Scott
    November 23, 2015 / 10:49 pm

    In the end bubs it doesn’t matter what faith you are or are not. If you’re a good person you’re a good person. If you’re a scumbag that is what you are. Faith is irrelevant on that score


  2. danniishly
    March 7, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    I agree… its the person inside that counts and not the religion they’ve chose to follow. If your bringing your children up with love that’s kind of all they need in life to be good and follow the right path 🙂 from reading a few of your posts I’m site you’re doing that already so time for you to get some sleep at night 🙂

    • March 7, 2016 / 10:26 pm

      Awe thanks so much 👌👌💕💕

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