Green juices – feeling the glow

Green juices – feeling the glow

I first became intrigued by all this green juice chat earlier this year after spending one Friday evening engrossed in the Eat Nourish Glow book, written by nutritionist Amelia Freer (young kids = don’t get out much) #rockandrollfriday.  I love this book and refer to it every now and again.  It really does make a lot of sense.  With the ever growing research on the dangers of too many processed foods and oils, I made it my mission to incorporate some of the healthy tips she outlines in the book.  Examples include using raw coconut oil where possible, having eggs for breakfast more often, eating more salmon, avocados, vegetables and using fresh herbs and spices to season our meals.  I also trade normal milk for almond, soya or coconut milk some days.


Amelia raves about green juices and I finally got round to making some after receiving a juicer for my birthday (thanks gals).  I figure it’s a great way to get vegetables into the body early on in the day. Plus it keeps my 3 year old happy as she loves pushing the button.  In the past I would guzzle a couple of glasses of shop bought fruit juice without thinking about it (if hungover half a bottle easily – just as well I have young kids and less hangovers these days).  It wasn’t until I realised how much sugar was in them that I decied to make some changes.  If I am thirsty I tend to drink water with lots of fresh lime and ice to jazz it up (if I can be bothered) but some mornings I think it is nice to have some juice. I still treat myself to this stuff or fresh pink grapefruit juice but I try and make time to do a few green juices a week.


The first one I attempted was RANK – I went way OTT on the curly kale.  I reached out to friends on social media for tips and in response to this image read ‘that looks radioactive’ and’ Í would rather drink my own pee’


First green juice attempt – I was almost sick

I was given some great hints and tips and as a result am sharing a few of my faves.  Thanks to all those for the inspiration x

Green Smoothie

60g spinach leaves
1 ripe pear, unpeeled, cored and chopped
15 green or red grapes
185g fat-free natural Greek yoghurt
2tbsp chopped avocado
1-2tbsp fresh lime juice

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blitz until you reach your desired consistency.


Hairy Dieters Green Smoothie

25g spinach
half celery stick
half apple
Juice of half an orange
juice of half a lime
pinch of grated fresh ginger – love the zing it gives
Handful of ice cubes

I spoonfed Charlie this one when he had a bad cold and he loved it.

Another tasty Green juice from a friend

Handful of kale or spinach
Bunch of grapes
Squeeze of lime
Fresh basil

I also keep a bag  raspberries in the freezer  that blend up really nicely and make a nice cold shake mixed with fruit and vegetable to your liking.   Oh in fact I might save that bag for the weekend when I start celebrating my babies 1st birthday #raspberrymoscowmule #yesplease








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