GUILT BAKING – Quick, easy and tasty recipe

Some mornings I get the guilt if I leave the kids watching tv for too long as I attempt to get the house in order, play around on social media or read with a coffee.  This morning was one of those.  So once 10am hit I did a bit of what I call guilt baking.  This will rectify being a rubbish Mum for the last hour or so.  Bonnie loves to bake and Charlie is happy to watch and sample.

Mom baking with Kids
This is not real life!
This is real life
This is real life

Guilt baking means even more mess and dishes but it makes me feel a wee bit better.   My friend  sent me some tasty looking granola recipes last week.  Between my current green juice and Hairy Dieter obsession I am also keen to have some healthy baking ideas.  Bon and I knocked this up Jamie Oliver style as we didn’t have all of the ingredients to hand for what was meant to be a sticky date granola.  It was not only healthy but a TOTAL hit with both kids.  Enjoy x

Guilt baking Granola bars

Large handful of porridge oats


Dried Apricots (or anything else you have to hand, dates, cherries, nuts)

Raw coconut oil – large tablespoon

Vanilla essence – small dash

Squeeze of honey

Coconut/almond milk – few tablespoons (can use normal milk to bind it instead)

Pinch of cinnamon

Mix it all together and bake for 20 minutes

Result – two happy kids, tasty and healthy snack for me before the uphill nursery run and no longer guilty Mummy Jojo !! (for now) x

Yummy !!

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