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Halloween done….can we get out the tinsel yet?

Halloween done….can we get out the tinsel yet?

Like a great home cooked dinner which simmers away for hours and is chowed down within minutes, Christmas zooms by despite every desperate attempt I make to slow it down.  I have started creating the festive spirit in the house in November as I enjoy it far too much to only last for the month of December.  Bonnie is currently at nursery, Charlie is napping and I am writing this with a festive candle on.  The smell is bringing nostalgic feelings of warmth.  I am not a fan of the shops promoting Christmas before Halloween but that box is now ticked.  Which makes it my mission to source some of the best tasting mince pies the shops have to offer.  If you come for a visit or a playdate they will be on tap with your coffee or wine.  Bonnie and I baked our first Christmas cake on Monday morning as we blasted a Christmas playlist (totally acceptable on a misty Nov morning).


Then in a couple of weeks I will start nagging at Scott to get up to the attic and bring the bags down. I look forward to reminiscing over all the personalised decorations gathered over the years.  Bonnie will enjoy listening to the stories about them and Charlie will enjoy chewing and biting on everything.  Bonnie is a smart wee lass and already onto me when we discuss Santa.  She was a little sarcastic the other night “Mum so Santa actually watches me from the sky to be sure I am behaving”? She followed this with a very suspicious little look  and “Mum we don’t have a chimney, how will Santa get in”?


Mummy this Santa business just doesn’t add up x

What is it about Cristmas that gives many of us that warm fuzzy feeling?  They say happiness is a state of mind and Christmas for me is just so lovely.   I get so much comfort snuggling under a fluffy rug or duvet with Bonnie watching ‘The snowman’. 15584_full

I love the dark nights, sitting by the fire, the candles, indulging in nice red wine, the lights, the festive canapés from Marks, Christmas music, jumpers……the list goes on.  I also associate Christmas with getting engaged, my two beautiful nephews being born and Scott’s birthday (where we used to have wild wild parties).  Despite being due mid November, Charlie decided to come on 30th November which means to my delight our first festive themed party will be spent celebrating him turning one.

The fundamental message of Chritsmas is about love.  Not the money we spend, but the time we spend with those we love.  It is a time to stop and reflect at the end of a busy year.  It is a time to show emotion, to weep for those loved ones we no longer have and to embrace those who we do.  The act of gift giving is symbolic and lovely but to me the best gift we can give is our time.

imagesTime and Love

I feel once December comes it is such a mad rush.  Instead of New Years resolutions, I have decided this year  I will make some Christmas resolutions.  Christmas 2015 I will –

1 -Finally take Bonnie to The Dome and admire their huge Christmas tree – I have said I would do this the past couple of years but life got in the way.


Bonnie is going to love it!

2 – Get to the Chirstmas markets and go on the big wheel


What a stunning city to live in

3 – Go for a festive run with friends and family


4 – Watch Home Alone – I think this could be the year Bonnie finally sits through it


5 – Finally have a family photo shoot – booked

6 – Go to a Christmas carol service

7 – Have the vast majority of my gifts purchased in November so any shopping in December is fully relaxed and can involve festive coffee stops or cocktails

untitled imagesNK81H6RV

8 – Talk Scott into finally letting me buy a huge Santa for the house


Ok I am getting a bit carried away but hopefully I will achieve a few of these. What are yours? X


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