I am cleansed – why I loved the C9

It’s always good to have a new challenge.  I did my first 10K run in May and am now close to doing a half marathon with the full bad boy booked up for next May.   I am doing lots of spinning and lots of running which I love.  However, I am going to love running even more when I have less weight to carry.   Which means tackling the food.  There are days I lack self control.  I want to retrain my mind – do I really need that extra spoonful of pasta, am I eating for hunger or for fun?  I am a born foodie – I love my food and wine but despite getting a lot fitter and toned this year I still struggle with the “mummy tummy”.  It is the hardest place for the weight to go.  I need to readdress my eating and drinking habits to give me a boost.  My solution, a 9 day cleansing detox.  I have been super intrigued by the much talked about C9 for most of this year.  Based on one of natures miracles (aloe vera) it is meant to be a far more affective and healthier way of cleansing over cabbage soup diets and the likes.  Lets do it!

I feel a little anxious, 9 days without much food, how will I survive without a drink on Saturday night? Am I going to be starving constantly and grumpy?  I hate being hungry.  Scott has told me he doesn’t think I will stick to it and not to waste my time.  The day goes well, no slip ups and I am surprised that I only really feel my stomach rumbling at one point in the afternoon.  I have had no solid food (just a mixture of aloe gel, supplements and a protein shake) but I have energy?  Scott comes home to a super tidy house – he is delighted.  The time I usually spend creating a tasty evening meal (when the kids play together and watch tv normally) was spent hoovering, cleaning the cooker, cleaning all the surfaces, doing the dishes (from the kids food not mine ha), putting clothes away etc I am buzzing!  I have no idea where my energy has come from – I feel amazing.  I look at some dresses in my wardrobe that I am excited about fitting into again.  I think positive and visualise the end result.
The first two days are the hardest as no meals are included.  It’s back to the aloe gels, the supplements and protein shake.  There is also a list of low GI free foods – tomatoes, broccoli, apples etc.  I can’t believe how good I feel.  I am a little hungry but all my naughty cravings have gone – I am not bothered by the lack of coffee, chocolate, cheese.  It’s amazing.  I finally make it to the chocolate lounge to pick up my favourite chilli jam and feel quite smug looking at all the treats.  I don’t crave any.  I then go into the nespresso shop to get coffee pods, they offer me a cup of my fave shot.  No thanks I am cleansing – pass me the water and lemon.  I then go to meet friends.  There are treats everywhere – Lesley knows how to host.  The smell of baking is going right to my heart.  I don’t crumble.  I enjoy the conversation and forget about the food.  Sometimes it is nice to focus on other things.  When I think of social occasions it always revolves around food and drink.  I realise that I can have fun without it.
I am now 3 and a half pounds lighter.  I bounce out of bed in the morning, I feel great.  I am off to the gym for a run and then I have a detox full body massage booked. Tonight I get to have my first meal in 3 days of up to 600 calories and a protein shake for breakfast AND lunch, I feel so greedy!  It actually seems like loads.  It’s amazing to discover all the beautiful meals that can be made – healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  We dig into beautiful spiced king prawns and then enjoy a chicken stir fry packed with flavour (fresh tarragon, ginger and chilli give it a beautiful kick).  They are all super low fat and healthy.  I then watch Scott dig into a bottle of cava fresh out the suitcase from Majorca and a tub of Ben and Jerrys.  Where has my self control come from?
Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, cram that flavour in baby!
 Layout 1
I watch the family fire into bacon and eggs, Sunday morning is one of my favourite times of the week.  I love our lazy family breakfasts as we listen to tunes.  I make a run for it after my protein shake and enjoy a wee 6K.  I don’t often get the chance in the week but I love running in the morning.  After my shower I try on a couple of my pre pregnancy dresses that are hanging up waiting for me to fit into them.  It’s a miracle, they both fit.  The zip goes right to the top.  Now I just need to work on getting them a bit looser so there is more breathing room.  We meet friends for lunch that day but it’s ok – I just trade my evening meal with lunch and then we go a walk.  I can’t join in for coffee and cheesecake after the walk but hey we can’t always get what we want.
Buzzing after a brilliant run on the C9…I was flying over those pavements. So much energy and not one coffee to show for it!
Day 5 to 9 I am still buzzing with energy and feeling great.  No mega coffee cravings or chocolate cravings.  I am happy to hand Bonnie biscuits and cheese and crackers and not even tempted to have a small bite.  I make some cracking dishes from the Hairy Bikers diet books and Scott is loving them all as are the kids.  We feast on chicken and tarragon pots with rosemary potato wedges, stunning curries, Moroccan salmon (Cheers Fi – amazing).  All for less than 500 calories and SO tasty.  These dishes will now be cooked monthly, along with many other healthy recipes I have discovered.   I do a measurement comparison on day 6  and have lost 10.5 inches from my body and I am now 5 and a half pounds lighter.  I am still buzzing with energy and genuinely feel great.  Scott comments how tidy the house has been all week – clean living seems to work in more ways than one.  I feel more organised too.  It’s been great to see Bonnie eat and enjoy so many vegetables.  I am clearly setting a good example and she is enjoying trying new things.  My stomach looks less puffed out.  I take a wee sneak peak on day 7 and another 2 pounds off.  This all seems too easy now.
I cant believe it’s finished.  I will miss the structure the cleanse has given me.  I feel more organised in every aspect and have had a super productive week.  I am now 9 pounds lighter and have lost 18 inches.  The C9 has been great in helping me change my approach to food.  I am continuing to cook the healthy meals in the evening which are based around low GI, high protein.  The cleanse brought to light the times I eat when I don’t even realise it – mostly when preparing the kids meals and snacks.  The supplements and gels prevent serious hunger pangs and provide brilliant energy which actually makes it an enjoyable experience.   All in all top marks from me and I would recommend this to anyone x
Day 10 celebrating with my girls feeling lean and strong

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