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All too soon x

For my baby girl who is now 3 !!!  From the moment we got the positive pregnancy test on 19th November 2011 to today –  you have brought us so much joy xxx

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When you ask me to lie with you and cuddle you to sleep I remember that all too soon you will be texting your friends in bed instead. When I wonder if you will wake me in the night I remember that all too soon I will lie awake hoping you will get home safe.  When you ask me to take you to a café and get you a babycino I remember that all too soon we will be drinking wine together – you already try to steal some from my glass – trouble ahead! Last Friday night I opened a bottle of wine and within a minute you said “Mummy I smell wine, can I have some?” You are so funny.

I love seeing how excited you get when I crawl into bed with you some nights when you’re “not tired at all Mummy!”  You ask me to tickle your back and you lie there giggling and smiling.  You then say “Mummy would you like me to tickle you now?”  It makes me laugh.  You are such a sweet, gentle soul.

I love watching you take everything in.  When we go out to a café, you sit so proud with your wee cup flowing with cream and marshmallows.  You are so excited with life and so content just to be out with Mummy having “girl time” while Charlie sleeps in his pram.  I love buying you pink roses that you choose in the supermarket.  All girls deserve flowers.

I love watching you with Charlie, how you make him laugh and when you laugh with him too. It’s infectious. The house can get so noisy at times.  There are days my head spins and I crave just an hour of peace.  Then I remember that all too soon you will be away at school, or having fun with friends.  I will miss you.  All too soon the quirky, fun, smart and hilarious little girl I have grown to love more and more each day will be off making others laugh.

I love how you call me “sweet darling” and “Mummy Jojo”.  The other day I was lying on the sofa shattered and you came up to me and said “Oh my sweet Mummy darling, are you tired my dear?” These moments are priceless. All too soon I am sure you will be calling me other names that I don’t want to hear.  You are so determined and head strong, it was a given as so are both your parents!!  Sometimes you drive us crazy when you go on and on yet it’s also something we love about you.  That passion you demonstrate at such a young age.

I hope you continue to be such a kind, sharing, fun loving spirit.  It was clear you were going to be independent when you were just a baby.  Your confidence blows me away sometimes.  I hope you keep this but that you are never too independent to refuse a huge cuddle and some words of wisdom from your Mum and Dad.

You shocked me last week.  You cried for me and didn’t want me to go.  I used to get a bit jealous of Mum’s who had babies that would cry for them.  You always seemed so content to be with others.  It was the hardest thing I have had to do since being your Mum.   My heart broke as the nursery teacher had to push me out the room.  You were screaming “Mummy, don’t go!”  Of course when I picked you up you were fine, playing and having fun with new friends.  I will never forget that feeling of pain as I drove away.  All too soon you will be crying for someone else not to go.  A friend you don’t want to leave and then (gulp) a boyfriend.  I know I will get that pain all over again when I hear that you are hurting.  You are my wee girl, you are part of me and you will always be.   Thanks for lighting up our world and making our future so exciting sweet girl Bonnie.  Thanks also for making us realise how much our parents love us xxx


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