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Signs you are a Mum who needs a break

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I have been feeling quite sentimental this week. Bonnie is approaching 3 years old and Charlie is now 8 months (say whaaaat)?!  This has been one of the most amazing years of my life and by far the busiest.  There have been days my head literally just spins out of control.  As Mums we have to remember to stop sometimes and take a break.  On reflection here are my top signs for when its time to get some help and escape for some much needed chill time !

  1. They are asleep -you finally sit down and then 10 minutes later you realise you have been staring into space whilst kids TV continues to dominate the room.
  2. You often walk into the other room to get something and then instantly forget what you were going for
  3. You spend those rare free moments searching through Sunny holidays with kids clubs and nice shade areas for your baby to nap well in the pram
  4. It takes 3 sittings to finish that film you are hooked on OR if its a really mental week – 3 sittings to finish just 1 episode of Suits
  5. You feel strongly about something but have no energy left to put up a fight, you are too tired for any thought processes – you have no words
  6. Its 11pm at night and you still haven’t sat down
  7. You realise its now Thursday and you had planned to call your Mum 2 nights ago!! You have been trying to several times, then someone needs you or something.  You have managed a few texts though -phew!
  8. You realise you STILL have Christmas bunting up in the hallway – It’s August we may as well leave it up
  9. You are wishing that time would just slow down – there are not enough hours in the day
  10. You have been desperate for a pee for about two hours but not found the time to go yet
  11. The year is going by so fast, at the end of each month when its time to turn the calendar page you cannot believe it – I just turned that yesterday did I not?
  12. When having a stomach bug is the most relaxing day of the year (the kids go to the Grandparents for the day).
  13. You often forget what day of the week it is and when someone asks what you have been up to you can’t remember what you did yesterday (let alone the day before that)!
  14. A real treat is a shower in peace – even if it does only last a few minutes
  15. You realise at the end of the day you STILL have baby sick on your top that you meant to change hours ago
  16. The only time you have to catch up with your husband is when you are both doing the dishes

It has got a bit easier (I had a free 20 minutes today to write this post AND I went for a run – it’s a miracle). Yes life is mental and sometimes its good to escape.  Would I change it? Nah no way xx



  1. August 6, 2015 / 8:23 pm

    Yes can relate to lots of these. Number 1 made me laugh. I always do that 🙂 hehe. Xxx

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