Finally Meeting Charlie – reminiscing about labour take 2


I promised myself that 2nd time round I wouldn’t be so optimistic. I would expect to go overdue again with a full blown induction to follow. However, the super strong Braxton Hicks and various positive comments about every labour and baby being different got into my head.  This time could be different.  I could have a nice, natural birth. In the final few days, as my bump seemed to expand at the speed of lightening, I started to panic.  It appeared that the risk of induction was looming.  I would have to leave my beautiful two year old and go into hospital for around 4 days, pumping my body full of drugs to get things started.  Our son was simply too comfortable and once again my placenta was thee perfect host.

There were a few moments, like with Bonnie, when I thought this is it. It feels like things are getting started.  Then nothing.  That feeling of frustration came over me throughout long walks around the botanic’s and pounding the pavements.  History was repeating itself.  I then got my induction date for 10 days overdue and started to relax.  One positive, by the time the drugs kicked in and the real pain started I would be in hospital with gas and air.  I wouldn’t have to endure any crazy car journeys I hear about so often.

We dropped Bonnie off on Friday 28th of November at Uncle Iain, Auntie Glenda, Finlay and Joe’s house.  It was reassuring to know she was in one of her favourite places getting well looked after. We drove off to the hospital which was packed to the rafters.  There wasn’t even a chair to sit on in the waiting room.  The fear of being sent home kicked in.  Thankfully after an hour or so of waiting, we were given a scan to show that our boys head was right down.  Thankfully the position was fine and it was indeed confirmed that we were 100% getting our little boy. They didn’t get it wrong when predicting the gender at both the 12 week and 20 week scan.

We headed up to the induction ward to start phase 1. Again, not the nicest procedure.  We had to wait around for a bit of monitoring and then drove home around 1am.  By 5am my contractions were starting and they went on most of the day.  Bonnie came home that afternoon and I had some time with her. She was very sweet and held my hand whilst I was in the bath coping with early labour.  We had our final meal without our son in the world, provided by Grandad Dave, as I sat on the birthing ball enduring those lovely contractions.  I got to give Bonnie her milk and had a huge cuddle with her before we set off to the hospital to meet Charlie.

After monitoring our contractions, it was clear to the staff that my labour was well into the swing of things.  We watched the X Factor as I was hooked up to the machines.  It was getting really painful, which was weird trying to keep quiet in a ward with lots of other people.  Scott was doing a great job of rubbing my back.  Charlie’s heart rate had dipped a little, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we got to see a Doctor. It was Sarah, who we had nicknamed magic hands when we had Bonnie.  The same Doctor who broke my waters round 1 would be doing it again. Lets just say she was thorough. The midwifes had been holding off on sending us to triage, however Sarah thankfully overruled and agreed I was more than ready.  It was time to go and enjoy some gas and air and crank the pain up several notches.

I was coping with the pain well, however felt exhausted.  By 2am I needed sleep, as did Scott, so opted for the epidural.  Unfortunately it slowed things down and I got the same side affects as before – severe itching and shaking. So although I got a little bit of rest, it wasn’t much. By around 9am I was fully dilated, however they were unsure of Charlie’s position. According to the notes from my labour with Bonnie, I was a really good pusher.  They predicted he would be out in no time.  I started to push around 10am.  This went on for a while, however he seemed to have moved. I was examined several times and by this point extremely grateful for the epidural.  It was all very vague, they were not sure what was happening. I couldn’t have pushed any harder.  After chatting with the Doctors they offered forceps with around an 80% chance of delivery.  An emergency C Section was far from my mind.

Here we were in that bright room surrounded by people in green.  I must say Scott looks very hot in scrubs, even with his serious fear face.  After few pushes I expected to hear the words “Here he is congratulations”.  Nothing happened.  They couldn’t explain it but he didn’t want to move.  Gutted so all this waiting and I could have had an elective section weeks ago.  It didn’t matter, I just wanted my son out safely.  They were very generous with the morphine – I was off my face.  Its not a nice feeling being in that zone and having to watch the man you love trying his best to hold it together.

At 1147am our baby boy arrived safely.  It was all worth it.  Scott got to hold him first and then he was all mine, nestled deep under my hospital gown.  He was exactly where he belonged, right next to my heart where he will always be.


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