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My toddler now talks


Life has changed, my baby girl talks.  Having recently turned 2 years old, Bonnie’s conversation is in full flow.  Each day she is saying new things and it really is amazing.  My highlight so far is when I took her to a café a few weeks ago.  With a little brother due next month, I am keen to spend as much quality time with her as I can.  As we were sitting together over a coffee and babycino she looked at me and said “Mummy, I love you so much – we are best friends”.  To say my heart melted is an understatement. Bonnie is a very independent, head strong little girl.  She is not overly affectionate and cuddly like her Mummy. So moments like this are cherished.

It’s also great now that she can tell me what is wrong. It can be a real guessing game with a screaming baby.  Of course with the talking comes its challenges.  This rainy morning, after breakfast routine,  dishes, building towers, making sausages and pancakes with play doh and our messy arts and crafts session, it was time for heavily pregnant Mama to chill.  After ensuring she had been for a wee on the ‘big girls toilet’  I put on Bonnie’s current favourite tv show, Peter Rabbit, and went to boil the kettle. Bringing through my tea excited about a chill on the sofa  she looked up and said “Mummy where is my tea?”  She wants involved in everything – which is great but tiring at the same time.

She also loves to state her opinion.  Driving across to my folks house the other day I began to think how much I was enjoying the music on the radio.  I started to sing along with a big smile on my face.  Great music brings so much joy to my world. I then hear that cute little voice “Mummy put that music off now, I no like that”. It really was as if she had read my mind and wanted to wind me up.

I have to watch everything I say now.  Squabbling with Daddy  in the car due to his limited sense of direction is not a great option.  Any name calling is repeated instantly from the little innocent voice in the back.  I remember driving with tears of laughter running down my face as she continued to say “Daddy you’re a knob”.  Thankfully she forgot the word and Mummy is trying to learn to hold her tongue. Even when Daddy is driving me round the bend 🙂


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  1. dave
    October 17, 2014 / 3:56 pm

    my little boy has a marvellous sense of direction just like his dad.

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